STaC Week Coming to Fun and Games

Sunday, 26 January 2020 by Susan Williamson

District 15 has been scheduled for another STAC Week beginning on Monday, January 27th, and running through Sunday, February 2nd.  If it seems as if we just had a STaC Week, it's because we did have one just six weeks ago. These tournaments are scheduled well in advance and cannot conflict with other tournaments or special games.

Sessions offering STaC Games are Monday evening Jauary 27th, Tuesday morning January 28th, Thursday evening January 30th, Friday morning January 31st, Saturday afternoon February 1st, and Sunday afternoon February 2nd.

The card fee for these games is $12, due to the extra fees charged by the ACBL and District 15. All point awards are SILVER.  The results for the local sessions will be available immediately, but it takes about 24 hours for the final results from all clubs playing a session to be tabulated.  That means that those who win masterpoints will never see the award diminish, but if a pair did well enough, the award could go up.

This a great chance to earn any silver points that are needed for that next rank, so grab your partner and plan to play!