Schedule of BBO Games Effective June 1, 2020

Sunday, 31 May 2020 by Susan Williamson

Silver Linings Week is over, and it was a big success, both in terms of participation and in the number of silver points awarded.  I'm certain that there will be more opportunities to earn silver and gold points in the future, since there was such a good response.  Thank you to everyone who played; it really helps both clubs and the ACBL.

Our new schedule of games on BBO will begin on Monday, June 1, 2020.  We have tried to include games for everyone.  There are a few changes from our previous one, so here are the new days and times:

1.  Open Games

Monday through Friday                     10:30 am

Monday and Thursday evenings         7:00 pm

Sunday afternoon                             2:00 pm


2.  0-500 Games

Tuesday afternoon                             2:15 pm  Welcome Tulsa Director James Tyner!

Thursday evening                              6:45 pm


3.  0-300 Games

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays mornings   10:15 am

Sunday afternoon                                          1:45 pm


4.  0-100 Games

Tuesday and Thursday mornings           10:15 am

Monday evening                                     6:45 pm


5.  Easybridge!1 and 0-20

Thursday evening   0-20                            6:30 pm

Easybridge! 1 and demo hands                   9:00 am

Easybridge! 1 lesson game begins at 10:30


Note that the only game on Saturday is the Easybridge! 1 lesson game.


Entry fee for all regular BBO games is $5 (BBO bucks).  Please check the balance in your account to be sure there are sufficient funds to cover the charges for the game you wish to attend.  If there are not, BBO will not allow you to play, and there is nothing that we can do to change that. Please note that if you sub, there is no charge to play. If you register, but are not online in time, your account is not charged, but you cannot be seated.

Thank you again to our players for all your support during our shutdown.  We are pleased to provide an opportunity to maintain your skills (and your sanity!) during a very scary time, and your enthusiasm is gratifying.