Player of the Month for January 2019

Sunday, 06 January 2019 by Susan Williamson

Fun and Games is pleased to announce that Carol Scully has been chosen Player of the Month for January 2019.  Carol is a very loyal supporter of Fun and Games, as many of you are.  The reason for her selection is that she really went out of her way to promote bridge in central Oklahoma at the latest Open Sectional Tournament.

A student from Stillwater came to play at the tournament, but lacked the funds to pay his entry fees.  Carol very graciously paid the amount due (more than enough for one game).  The only thing she asked in return was that the student do everything in his power to promote duplicate bridge in the Stillwater area.

Carol's actions, aside from being very kind and generous, are the embodiment of Fun and Games' reason for being.  Our goal is to promote and ensure the survival of bridge in this area for the long term, and Carol has demonstrated that it's not just the big events that are important in accomplishing that goal.  

Thank you, Carol!  All of us appreciate your generosity and support.