New Monthly Event at Fun and Games

Monday, 01 April 2019 by Susan Williamson

Beginning on Sunday, May 5th, 2019, there will be a pot luck lunch on the first Sunday of each month just prior to the Sunday afternoon game.

The lunch will begin at 1:00 pm, though food will be arriving right up until the game begins, if experience is a good indicator.  No effort will be made to coordinate the types of food that is brought, so there may be lots of one particular item, but it will all be good food.  

Please note that food does not have to be made at home; we encourage players to bring what they like and want to share.

Non-playing spouses or significant others/friends are invited to join the players for lunch if they desire.

Joan Thorne is the director of this game, which begins promptly at 2:00 pm.  

Circle the first Sunday for good food to go along with good fun!