Latest Easybridge! Class Graduation

Friday, 10 May 2019 by Susan Williamson

Our latest group of beginners started learning to play bridge on February 16th, 2019.  On Saturday, June 8th, we'll hold a special game and party honoring their accomplishment.  There will be a mini-lesson at 10:00 am, followed by a game at 10:30 am.  

At 12 noon, lunch will be served to all who attend.  The players in the group will choose what they would like to have to eat, and Fun and Games will provide it.  

After June 8th, the players in this group will be invited to join the Tuesday evening game (6:00 pm ) or the Thursday morning game (10:00 am).  Those who currently play in those two games are invited to join us for the party and special game on June 8th.

We'll move directly on to Easybridge! 2 at each of the Novice Games after June 8th.  Workshops will be offered in conjunction with this series, as well.

Congratulations to all our new players!!!