Easybridge! 1 is Coming to Fun and Games

Sunday, 06 January 2019 by Susan Williamson

Many of Fun and Games' newer players have been playing and taking classes, and as a result, they have advanced out of the 0-20 games that we have.

We'd like to make some more new friends, so beginning on Saturday morning, February 16th, from 10:00 am until 12 noon, Easybridge! 1 will be offered again.  The first four lessons are offered at no charge.  Following that initial period, each one will cost $10 and will include the lesson, game and snacks.  The class will continue for 12-16 weeks, after which time, the new players will be invited to join the Tuesday evening 0-20 game or the Thursday morning 0-20 game (or both!).

Presenters are Susan Williamson, Abbi Wilson, and Gloria Smith.

The text we will be using is "Easybridge! 1 The Comic Book".  Its purchase is optional, but we will have them available for $15 each.

Class size is limited, so that everyone will be able to see the whiteboard.  To reserve your space, please contact Susan Williamson at (405)286-1115 or via email at [email protected].  You do NOT have to have a partner, so come on down and join the fun!